What is the insurance policy?

the insurance policy

What is in the contract or insurance policy?

This is the document issued by the insurer in case of underwriting insurance . We find  all the  conditions of the contract  !

This ranges from the presentation of the insured , to the risks and the covered goods , through  the duration of the contract, the limits of the guarantee, the conditions of indemnification, the exclusions of guarantee …

What is the insurance policy number?

Each insurance policy has its number  ! This is the code of your contract  and proof that you are insured .

You will need to provide it in several cases:

  • in your car for mandatory auto insurance
  • during a school trip to prove that your children are insured
  • your owner for the home insurance if you are a tenant

How to find my insurance policy number?

You can find it:

  • on your contract,
  • on your insurance certificate,
  • on your notice of expiry ,
  • on your green card on the windshield of your car,
  • by phone , calling your company

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