How to automate sales

How to automate sales

Knowledge is power. The more you have information on potential clients (the sizes of the company, branch, decisions which provide their companies, duties, presence at social networks, the current suppliers, etc.), the easier it will be to communicate and be credible with them. Find your solution

for these purposes here.

Contacts and creation of the transaction

If you still manually add new contacts and the qualified potential clients to CRM, there is an excellent news to you: there is much more the best way.

First, adjust business processes by means of the marketing software. It will allow to create and edit automatically records for potential clients who answer certain criteria.

For example, you want to characterize the potential client as “Interested” if he has a X-heading or a role Y, and has watched video of a product or has visited the page with the price.

Secondly, be you integrate various services and sources of appearance of potential clients from the CRM. It can be: new articles, news or updates, participants of a webinar, respondents of poll, participants of special offers, the Internet users who have reacted to advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines — having left the contact information for feedback, etc.

Templates of e-mails

Search of potential clients, confirmation of meetings and the subsequent e-mails usually shouldn’t differ significantly. To increase indicators of a response it is necessary to personalize 30-50% of content, but no more.

Avoid copying of messages (for example from sources of competitors or other companies, even differing with your profile of activity).

And also repetition of the same main offers again and again, creating templates of letters is ineffective. Make better several main versions of letters which you regularly send to potential clients, and then keep them as templates.

Thus, before sending emails, templates can be adjusted quickly for the specific recipient and a situation.

Automation of e-mail for sales

What to do if you want to send several letters to potential clients, assuming that they haven’t answered the first.

Create the personalized email-mailing campaign for potential clients, and plan date of its start. Add some unique details so that your messages were more similar to communication with the person: a name, phone, a position, phrases (for example the offer to address at any time when the help, answers to questions, specifications on the order, etc. is required).

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