10 tips from a millionaire to succeed in business

10 tips from a millionaire to succeed in business

At just 31, she eats in the best restaurants, has her own stylist and lives in a penthouse. In The Young Millionaire in Business, his latest book co-authored with Marc Fischer and just released, Eliane Gamache-Latourelle gives his strategies to get into the business world … and collect millions?

Here are the author’s tips gathered around ten keywords:

1. Passion

It is essential to start from what you love, and to do things for the right reasons. There must be passion! In the end, it is a human who buys or invests, and it is with passion that we can touch it.

2. Work

I’m lucky to be healthy, but the rest is work. Work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have been watching the evolution of companies and the business world for almost twenty years …

3. Priority

The primary goal must not be to make money. You have to look at money as a proactive, flowing energy. It is important to get away from dollars to stay focused on your goal.

4. Patience

I worked from 15 years; as soon as I got $ 15,000, I bought a house and sold it a year later for $ 30,000. I made my first $ 100,000 by buying and selling, while working on time. I have spent almost nothing for years.

5. Knowledge

We must first know who we are. Staying true to your values, your desires, your instincts … I was lucky to have parents who let me be what I wanted to be.

6. Learning

I pulled out this book because people told me they did not have a tool to start a business. Readers will find inspiration as well as management lessons, meditation exercises …

7. Strength

I opened five pharmacies, but I really started making money when I started advising companies. My strength, she is here. At first I did not really load, but I accumulated evidence that I knew how to grow businesses.

8. Pleasure

Doing what you love is essential, because that’s where you’re good. I’m good at putting a dream into reality, and I love it. And above all, I understand the human: I follow the entrepreneur with his inner truth.

9. Boldness

You have to dare! At one point, I went to see people to convince them to invest. I had time to trade for money. Being young is a good thing: the expectations are lower, there is less pressure and there is more right to the error.

10. Conviction

The essential: to believe in his dream. Trust yourself!

The Young Millionaire in Business

By Éliane Gamache-Latourelle and Marc Fisher

Editions A Different World

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